Executive Summary

American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico

Acerca de Nosotros Ejecutivos  

Who we are

  • Founded in 1917 as a non-profit, apolitical, independent organization, affiliated to two of the most important international organizations:
    U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and Association of American Chambers of Commerce of Latin America (AACCLA).
  • Our main offices are located in Mexico City and we have chapters in two of the most important economic centers of the country: Monterrey, Nuevo Leon and Guadalajara, Jalisco.
  • Our more than 1,450 partners represent 21% of the national GDP and generate 2.5 million formal, direct jobs, as well as 6 million indirect jobs.
  • We invest on talent development, competitiveness and innovation that will help enhance and leverage the power of the workforce.
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What we do

We maintain a permanent, open and constructive dialogue with the private and public sectors in Mexico and the United States.

We establish binational linking actions between our partners, as collaborative agents, on all levels of the supply chain.

We connect companies and entrepreneurs, identifying and sharing the best practices that help build a more informed and more competitive business sector.

What we seek

Creating agreements and proposals to implement actions that:

  • Provide certainty to private investment.
  • Drive employment and formal economy.
  • Promote talent development and innovation.
  • Build a more inclusive and better prepared society.